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Hi all, we're looking for developers with experience in SilverStripe and frontend JavaScript (especially Vue.js):

Fire an email to mailto:[email protected]|[email protected] if interested.

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We're hiring - Somar Design Studios

We're hiring - Somar Design Studios

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Anyone on here know a decent, no BS, company that manages PPC and Facebook Advertising?


Our client would prefer UK based, but not so fussed on location

Ewan Duthie

Hi @Mo - search or display networks, or both? Happy to have a chat or give a no-obligation account review. We manage a couple of dozen PPC accounts and a few FB advertising accounts. UK based


Hi @Mo. If you haven't found someone already, check out Its run by a facebook marketing expert I've worked with


Hi. Sadly my experience has been the same. Lots of waffle and big bills


Tell me about it, we have several clients now who have tried multiple companies who take the cash, but then when there are poor results try to get out of it by blaming us 😕


Then we have to spend ages rebuking all their BS


Apparently in this case the client is getting a drop off in sales because the buttons are the wrong colour, shouldn't say "Add to cart" and the titles are a sans-serif font...

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