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Do I have to trigger something through the DefaultCacheFactory? it always triggers the the Symfony\Component\Cache\Simple\FilesystemCache…


or is there no way to use another / the memcached adapter as default for caching?

John A.

The silverstripe-s3 module says it supports streaming of protected files through the server - but the code seems to contradict that, it appears to use signed URLS: Can anyone know who I can contact about this or should I just raise an issue on the module?

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SilverStripe module to store assets in S3 rather than on the local filesystem (SS4 only) - silverstripe/silverstripe-s3

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Dave Collins

creating a brand new SS4 site. Can’t create a page with a home URLSegment. Every time I try it creates home-2. Any ideas?


Usually means there's a page with /home already defined somewhere, even if it's archived


If it's a brand new SS4 site, check the archives or rebuild the database to ensure it's truly fresh

Dave Collins

new database with no tables. Run dev/build. URLSegment = home-2


One is already created when the requireDefaultRecords call is made on the first dev/build

Dave Collins

@Steve also when i run a fresh dev/build (no tables existing) it creates home-2 rather than home


Check there's not a static route set up named 'home'