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@nate-sd i've fixed this in, thanks for raising it - in future you'd be welcome to raise PRs for anything you find broken/missing/incorrect in the docs 😃


@robbieaverill I spotted a couple so will submit some PRs when I come across them again. Wasn't sure the correct path, but got it now.


@MichalKleiner Nice link, I have been trying to find some more info on React and SS and I don't think I have come across this page


hi guys! I have a question regarding React with SS 4. Did someone did something like this?


So basically the ability to edit some blocks right from the frontend with the help of some react components


There's a WIP PR for silverstripe-elemental that adds the ability to identify which block is which on the preview pane.


Don't think there's one to do live editing on the page (that I know of)