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take those two examples in the docs and squash them together. I noticed the latter one is a GridFieldCustomAction too, with an extra interface added


won't have time to test out until later

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yeah, that. Take all the methods from the first example and put them in the second, after that line


that's what I'm going to try when I get the chance 😛


@null I think I've cracked it. getExtraData() behaves well when it returns the attributes of a form action. GridFieldDeleteAction::getExtraData() is a good example of this.

If you follow the docs, the action menu item created will be useless. But if GridFieldCustomAction::getExtraData() returns the attributes of a GridField_FormAction, it behaves as expected


You can become a legend in the framework git history

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Update by jakxnz · Pull Request #9169 · silverstripe/silverstripe-framework

Updated the How to add a custom action to a GridField row with more details surrounding creating an action in the GridField action menu dropdown, as well as the corresponding boilerplate (with code...

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