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thanks @null, I have some logic and ini_set in my _ss_environment.php can this be moved to mysite/_config.php ? eg: ini_set('session.save_handler', 'redis');


it's not mysite anymore though, in SS4.4 it's renamed to app


Does anyone know why this isnt working

  1. private static $many_many = array(
  2. "Going" => Member::class,
  3. "Maybe" => Member::class,
  4. "NotGoing" => Member::class,
  5. );

  1. private static $belongs_many_many = [
  2. 'EventsGoing' => 'GazingaGroupEvent.Going',
  3. 'EventsMaybe' => 'GazingaGroupEvent.Maybe',
  4. 'EventsNotGoing' => 'GazingaGroupEvent.NotGoing',
  5. ];

[Emergency] Uncaught LogicException: Name is not a relation/field on GazingaGroupEvent