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Hi all, would it be possible to have the HTMLEditorField Image-button open a specific folder based on what page I’m on?


I used to have a script for that in ss3, but that no longer works…


Ah, it only happens if someone resize a file but keep the same filename. Tries to save a variant instead of a renamed file or something...


How can I get the filename including the -v4.jpg bit before I use setFromLocalFile()? As long as the filename isn't the same as the original file everything seems to be fine.

Wilson S

Hi everyone, could anyone point me to an example of TreeMultiselectField

Wilson S

I’m converting an old 2.x site and need to fill TreeMultiselectField with SiteTree


In a .env file, to my understanding, it's possible to set a ss variable to an existing environment var via back ticks like:


Is it possible to combine a string with an environment var like:


Has anyone ever done any search filtering on virtual pages on fields from the original page? I had hoped I might be able to access the CopyContentFrom relationship but no cigar.


@taoceanz I've not seen that before - well only in a YML context. If you can do that with an Env var in .env with another Env var, then TIL (for the 2nd time today)