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hi friends. say I have a function I need to use across multiple controllers/pages? whats the best approach? extending PageController?


Think I may have just found the answer in the docs - Middleware?


Either Middleware or add it to your base pagetype


Afternoon, is there a way to create a new button for example one that doesnt say save but says "Send emails" ?


Have you seen @unclecheese BetterButtons module? -

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Adds new form actions and buttons to the GridField detail form - unclecheese/silverstripe-gridfield-betterbuttons

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As it says in the, some of it has been merged into core code, but I think the custom action you are looking for might still require the module

Dave W

Hey friends, Trying to get SS 4 installed on Windows IIS. Works for the most part, but can't run a dev/build or access the admin panel. Thinking because of a URL rewrite issue. Using the web.config files that came with the install

Jerome Camacho

hola , may i know how to do a password protect a specific page ? is there any add-ons ? or some special variables to add ?


do you want it to have its own password, or just for only logged-in users to be able to see it?


you can add controls based on roles/groups in the page settings