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Afternoon, is there a way to create a new button for example one that doesnt say save but says "Send emails" ?


Have you seen @unclecheese BetterButtons module? -

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Adds new form actions and buttons to the GridField detail form - unclecheese/silverstripe-gridfield-betterbuttons

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As it says in the, some of it has been merged into core code, but I think the custom action you are looking for might still require the module

Dave W

Hey friends, Trying to get SS 4 installed on Windows IIS. Works for the most part, but can't run a dev/build or access the admin panel. Thinking because of a URL rewrite issue. Using the web.config files that came with the install

Jerome Camacho

hola , may i know how to do a password protect a specific page ? is there any add-ons ? or some special variables to add ?


do you want it to have its own password, or just for only logged-in users to be able to see it?


you can add controls based on roles/groups in the page settings


and is this ss3 or ss4? please don’t cross-post


ok, so lets move the conversation there then 🙂

Jon Stahlhacke

Hi friends, I'm using the Injector API to replace the SilverStripe\Assets\File class with my own (which extends it), however I've just updated some modules one of which modifies the File class db schema, but dev/build seems to ignore it and only updates the schema for my extended class so I end up with missing column errors. I must be missing something but google has failed me