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I have revamped your code and then tested but it didn't work. But, I think your last code should work.


I really hope you are working on a 'pleasing' website and BottomImages has nothing to do with their position on the page.... 😛

Jerome Camacho

hola , may i know how to do a password protect a specific page ? is there any add-ons ? or some special variables to add ?


if you want to add a basic auth type login for a page, thats best done server side


if you want to only authorise certain people, then best to use a role or group

Jerome Camacho

what if i have "contact-us" page , then that contact-us page only has password protect , what if i have a users list from csv and even though they should not register on the cms user , they can view that page on browsing ? how can i do that ?

Jerome Camacho

means restrict the user (they should NOT view the contact us page) if they are not on the user custom list from csv ?


Import the CSV into the “Security” section, then on the “Settings” tab for the contact us page you can set “Who can view this page” to “Logged in users only”