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ok, so lets move the conversation there then 🙂

Jon Stahlhacke

Hi friends, I'm using the Injector API to replace the SilverStripe\Assets\File class with my own (which extends it), however I've just updated some modules one of which modifies the File class db schema, but dev/build seems to ignore it and only updates the schema for my extended class so I end up with missing column errors. I must be missing something but google has failed me

Dave W

Trying to use this, but /dev/build just goes to a 404 page


How can I change this error to look in my current theme path not the SS one? Array ( [0] => SilverStripe\Forms\GridField\BestPicksEmailButton [1] => Array ( [type] => Includes [0] => SilverStripe\Forms\GridField\BestPicksEmailButton ) ) in themes "Array ( [0] => silverstripe/admin:cms-forms [1] => $default ) "


its not even rendering to my theme its rendering to silverstripe/admin

  1. SilverStripe\Admin\LeftAndMain:
  2. admin_themes:
  3. - 'yourthemename'

Hi all - with Silverstripe Subsites, is it possible to use a subdiretcory structure rather than different domains / subdomains for each site?


<domainame>/site1, <domainname>/site2 etc