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You compiled CSS does not get copied into the _resources folder. It gets copied into your "client" folder (or whatever you specified in composer.json) and then it is synced (symlinked) to the _resources folder


99% of the problems I see with this feature, are incorrectly specifying the relative path to the "client" (or whatever) folder, within composer.json


ah, i had it minifying into a single app.css file, but i still had the original files in my css folder, so it was getting confused, deleted those and it works


But very likely also, is that your gulpfile is generating the compiled CSS to the wrong directory or that directory that it is being generated into, isn't correctly being referenced from the "expose" block in your composer.json. If so - see above 🙂

Ramon Lapenta

write something like .TEST{display:block;} at the top of your main scss file and check the css compiled file, to quickly check if the compiling is happening correctly