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IIRC that’s a MySQL config option:

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Why my tables' names are converted into lowercase in phpmyadmin?

I am using wamp server 2.0 on Windows XP. Whenever I create a table with some uppercases in name, it is converted to lowercase. For example: I create: UserInfo phpmyadmin convert it to: userinfo ...

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how you recover from that for this specific issue, though, I’m not quite sure


looks like you can try setting lower_case_table_names to 2 to keep them lower case, but allow for case-insensitive table lookups

Jason Hale

thanks @Joe that's the path I'm heading down now. I thought 1 for that value would work but no go.


the lower casing should work in both directions (identifiers in CamelCase should match tables in notcamelcase), I thought.


try custom queries direct to the DB, perhaps it's something to do with SilverStripe enabling ANSI


Does anyone here have a strong preference for which pattern to use when creating a DataObject?


  1. $obj = MyDataObject::create([
  2. 'Field' => 'Value',
  3. ]);


  1. $obj = MyDataObject::create();
  2. $obj->Field = 'Value';

vs something else?


I notice if the later is well annotated, code-intel gives those properties quicker references, and make them traversable, but there's repeated use of the $obj variable


@jakx there is a critical difference in those two methods :)

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Added to my favourites 😄

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