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can we add elementals to a dataobject?

Jason Hale
Jason Hale in #ss4 2019-08-22 21:59:36 (edited) (deleted)

hi everyone! so today's problem, similar issue as this but only my IIS prod setup. Having nothing but issues getting this running on IIS

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tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor not showing, JS error · Issue #8228 · silverstripe/silverstripe-framework

Silverstripe version 4.1.0 Basically just installed SS 4.1 on my local server, everything works fine but the WYSIYWG editor is not showing, and there are a load of errors in the console which I hav...

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what is the best way to remove a value from a yml configuration when the value is added to an array in a vendor module (in this case an authenticator we do not want).


I had to do something like that recently and it ended up looking like this. This was based off an example @null supplied me.

  1. Config::modify()->merge(Authenticator::class, 'authenticators', [MemberAuthenticator::class]);
  3. Config::modify()->merge(Injector::class, Security::class, [
  4. 'properties' => [
  5. 'Authenticators' => [
  6. 'default' => '%$' . MemberAuthenticator::class,
  7. ]
  8. ]
  9. ]);

I can't take credit for that one, @kinglozzer started it 😄

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@thats4shaw ... THANK YOU! It comes down to the clumsiness of the config layer - this should really be fixed I reckon!


Not sure if you use but I found that caused me some pain with the example above.

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