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@gs I had this issue a moment ago. I cleared my cookies / session and re-logged in and it fixed it.


That may not keep the issue from re-occuring though 🙂


I think it may have been logging in on https and doing dev/build on http


I've had something similar and it was relative to browser caching in Firefox. Like @tractorcow said, clear cookies etc and try again.


Hey guys! Did anyone tried to do something similar:


There was also this one but I think it's abandoned:

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Adds front end design capabilities to Silverstripe - nzvvveb/silverstripe-designer

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So basically the ability to edit some blocks right from the frontend with the help of some react components


Got a bit of a weird issue. I’m using colymba/silverstripe-restfulapi - I posted an issue on the github and thought I’d share here incase anyone else has come across it - I wanted users sending a POST to be able to include new relations within the POST so I extended using onAfterDeserialize which then creates the relations and replaces these items in $payload with their IDs. It works fine and returns 200, except when there are more than 3 relations in which case it still creates all the objects successfully but returns response code 100, and I am a little bit stumped as to why.


... you're probably better off by using GraphQL....