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I'm not aware of any, no. Have you tried searching ? I thought AMP was generally thought to be a bad idea?


I saw this 🙂, but i’d like to know if someone successfully implement it

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Adds semi-automated AMP page functionality to Silverstripe - DorsetDigital/silverstripe-amppages

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OMG IT WORKS!!! 😀 😱 😱😱😱 🎉🎉 🍾 🍾🍾🍾


Massive massive “Thank you” to @Firesphere , @nightjarnz, @muskie9, @null, @jkersu, @ShaneW for all your help & input, I could not have done it without you! As ever, i am extremely grateful for the time & effort & most of all the amazing amount of patience a bunch of very experienced professionals show to a complete beginner just playing at making a website! 😀


I have no idea what this is in relation to, but I'm super glad you're happy 😄

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🤣 I got the “member signup via webchimp then get emailed to set a password” thing working - right at the start you offered advice on my approach, and also chipped in with various comments/suggestions on questions I asked along the way!!


Heh, I wouldn't call myself experienced nor a professional 😄 But thanks 🙂


Well you very much seem like it!! But I'm sure we can agree to disagree on that point!! 😀 😜 🤣


Morning all, what does this error mean? [Emergency] Uncaught TypeError: Return value of Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Filesystem::toIterable() must be an instance of Symfony\Component\Filesystem\iterable, array returned