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i've deleted all the copies, moved the files to theme and then couldn't quite figure out a theme composer file, so put the expose config in the main site composer.json


which i guess is ok since its not a theme for sharing


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SilverStripe Lessons » Creating your first project

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to build your first theme in SilverStripe. The SilverStripe installer ships with its own default theme -- Simple, but more than likely, you’ll want to override this to use your own custom design.

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none of ours are for sharing either - we started with the composer.json from the simple theme and just adapted a couple things

for us, it was really just changing the theme name at the top, and then updating the section for extra.expose to list the directories we needed exposed


might have a go at that tomorrow for neatness. thanks.

Shaun Haage

Looking for advice or a video tutorial on upgrading from SS 3 to 4. Any suggestions?