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I've seen it in pretty much any upload field context. ModelAdmin, SiteConfig, pages, etc.

dorsetdigital just in case you need it

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UploadField still displays “draft” label after a file has been published · Issue #960 · silverstripe/silverstripe-asset-admin

I’ve seen a few other people report this on Slack. For me, it‘s: A non-versioned DataObject with has_one => File::class private static $owns set up correctly Managed via a standard ModelAdmin in...

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UploadField, that was the info I was looking for :) Was wondering if it might a have been TinyMCE embed, or something else I hadn't considered.


Understood. I haven't seen it in the editor.. I can test that quickly though


Not affected. The editor doesn't actually show the image as draft at all I think


Yeah, I guess I was thinking more of the browser modal that comes up - if the image still shows as draft in there after the page was published, that's a problem for example. (and totally wouldn't be surprising)