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and $Top is in this case a BaseElement DataObject not a controller. (creating a custom silverstripe elemental block)


Gah, probably yet another edge case with the current behaviour then 😧


Allright 😞 well I should be able to solve it using a custom controller, working on another task atm, but I will get back to this soon and see 🙂

Anish Joshi

Is there an if statement for looping children if only more than 3 children?

  1. <% if $Children.Count > 3 %>
  2. <% loop $Children %>
  3. <% end_loop %>
  4. <% end_if %>

Hey I've got this issue where despite loading a site via https, and setting base and alternate url to https protocol, it continues to be served via http which leads to resources not loading. Anyone have experience with this?