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Gah, probably yet another edge case with the current behaviour then 😧


Allright 😞 well I should be able to solve it using a custom controller, working on another task atm, but I will get back to this soon and see 🙂

Anish Joshi

Is there an if statement for looping children if only more than 3 children?

  1. <% if $Children.Count > 3 %>
  2. <% loop $Children %>
  3. <% end_loop %>
  4. <% end_if %>

Hey I've got this issue where despite loading a site via https, and setting base and alternate url to https protocol, it continues to be served via http which leads to resources not loading. Anyone have experience with this?


It's on AWS but sits in a container behind Ambassador which deals with the TLS bits. The site itself is being served by NGINX listening on port 80 as is what Ambassador passes it after receiving the connection on 443.