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Otherwise you could upload them and find them as @wmk suggests


They're physically on the same server, so i could get them by the local path. Basically i could write a custom importer while using File::setFromLocalFile ? That would be the most stress-free way indeed


We’re having critical performance issues with pages that contain multiple embedded videos. After digging in with some profiling, it appears this is because the shortcode parser is using CURL (via the Embed module) to fetch remote data about every video when the page is displayed.

We have a blog listing page that is taking 40-60 seconds to load, because it tries to display a text excerpt for each post, which triggers this behaviour. And the individual blog post pages take 10+ seconds to load.

Does anybody know if there is a way to control or disable this behaviour?


is there any chance you can change how the videos are used, e.g. via a video block with custom behaviour? do you need to use shortcodes?


not without completely rewriting a ton of content. We’re just using the regular Content field. Sure I guess we could break it all up with elemental content & video blocks but that’s kind’ve a crazy thing to do at this point


I don’t understand why it needs to do any remote fetching at all. The shortcode in the DB appears to already have everything needed to generate the necessary markup


I think it’s trying to get either the thumbnail image or something along the lines.. can you look at what the curl is actually requesting? maybe there’s some oembed config that can be applied