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anyone here know if the goolge page speed test takes geographical location into account. And SEO company is running the test, and showing page speed in the 60's, but when I run it, I get 99.


Are you both looking at the same result? Same page, same device, etc.


Hello, Silverstripe download is very big about 300MB, is there a way to upload only the files and database that create and manage the CMS and website, in order to not overload the website with a full framework? Is there a minimum installation download only for the website and CMS?. Thanks.

Karan Kumar

@Jose Not sure the purpose of it but did you have a look at this module:

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Tool for managing bundles of db/assets from SilverStripe environments - silverstripe/sspak

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@Jose The download contains a lot of data such as the git history. You're much better off installing using composer


If you can use composer, you get a cleaner install and it's a lot easier to add extra packages, etc.


A basic SS4 install should weigh in at around 70-80Mb.. that's the framework and CMS, etc.


Thanks @Karan Kumar and @dorsetdigital. Please understand I am new to SS, I am a designer with very little knowledge of PHP/MySQL. So I need the easiest way to deal with SS, I love how easy is to port a web design to SS, but is difficult to me to have SS with 3 level menu, and search and blog functions. I also need to install the blog package, so as per @dorsetdigital it is better to have composer, It is safe to install composer in a Centos 7 production server for shared hosting? Sorry if my questions are obvious. Thanks.


I always recommend that you set up a development environment (using LAMP/WAMP/MAMP, Docker, etc.) and run all the composer commands on that. You can then upload your site to the production server.