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Alistair Procter

@vanny Google page speed tests are usually run on mobile connections, and India's cellular network is pretty slow (last I read into it a while back) particularly compared to the US. Maybe try running the site through Google's Test My Site tool which lets you try out connection speeds from different countries —

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Thanks @dorsetdigital! Yes I like your approach, is safer, that means I can copy all SS local installation and paste it into the server including importing the database sql file?, is so simple?


Yes. SilverStripe is pretty portable once it's up and running

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got a question about composer.json -> extra -> installer-name, recently we developed a vendor module which has a really long name, e.g. mycompany/silverstripe-several-words-very-long and for installation, I want the directory name to be a little shorter than silverstripe-several-words-very-long. I thought the installer-name under extra in composer.json is the place I could customize the directory name, but I am wrong, as I give it a short name there, but it doesn't affect. Anyone knows what do I need to do, instead of using the installer-name.


The vendor-module should be very concise, and not contain silverstripe-, so it would by mycompany/concise-name, and that would make it install in to vendor/mycompany/concise-name


Your repo can still be silverstripe-several-words-very-long though


@Firesphere thanks. I will try to shorten the module name then.