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@Firesphere thanks. I will try to shorten the module name then.


For those wondering: installer-name is something specific to "type": "silverstripe-module", and is not a general composer command (afaik). This is also what installed the dependencies into the project root, instead of the vendor directory. This no longer applies with SS4 using "type": "silverstripe-vendormodule" - this puts things in normal PSR-4 style (in vendor - i.e. does nothing special with the install) and exists more for vendor-expose support.


But, a reminder that the packagist vendor/module-name format doesn't have to mirror the repository address (e.g. on github). Furthermore there is the replace composer config directive which one can use to rename their modules (c.f. friendsofsilverstripe becoming bringyourownideas:

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Helps with the day by day work to run a SilverStripe application or website. - bringyourownideas/silverstripe-maintenance

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That moment you find what you're looking for in the docs, but then it just says TODO..


"Define input types" section of the GraphQL docs 🙂


Now I just hope its only a "TODO" for the docs, but that the functionality is actually there heh