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Are you developing on (for example) Windows and deploying to a Linux machine?

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where osx dunt care about case sensitivity but linux does

Bart van Irsel

hi, im using a CheckboxField to add a many_many relation. In this example a many_many relation to Tags. Is it possible with some module or trick to add a new Tag directly from the CheckboxField? So that the client doesn't need to add it elsewhere in a ModelAdmin in the cms?


no module that magicaly does that i know of, just to confirm your using the CheckboxSetField and providing an array of like ID=> Title as the source correct?


if you want to make it happen you can add a button, add some JS to add an ajax call to a route of addThing then use js to inject the new item. But as i think of that how do you populate teh fields of this new item without hitting the form or also injecting a form the fields for that item?