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Admitted, I sometimes miss notifications, but my brain is a lot more quiet thanks to that decision 🙂

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I just changed the yml. Once it was working it was only ~2 days before we wanted our own MemberType anyway

@sander_ha does his dev branch have that other fix in it?


@adrexia What was the yml issue? Is there something I should be aware of? 🙂


that’s the name space issue. So long as you switch to the current namespace used in the code, the MemberTypeCreator worked fine.


…its just that that namespace was the wrong one.


Hmm is it even possible to use the graphql dev tools (graphiql), with the JWT flow?


Ah ..

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How to use Graphiql when /graphql protected by JWT token (authorization header) · Issue #59 · graphql/graphiql

My /graphql route is protected by JWT token, so every HTTP request needs to set: headers: { Authorization: 'Bearer ' + token } To get through the authentication middleware and hit /graphql....

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