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Yeah Robbie was working on adding exactly that to core recently


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Re-enable ability to auto select a tab from a URL anchor · Issue #911 · silverstripe/silverstripe-admin

SS 4 I want to deep link to a GridField item's Settings tab (for example). Allegedly you used to be able to do this by appending #Root_Settings to the URL for it (maybe in SS3?), which would de...

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@kinglozzer Cool, thanks, I thought SS3 used to let you do this!


Hmm, I wonder what the easiest way to add ss-tabset back to CMS Forms is...


Ugh, at this rate, this project I am working on is going to end up with me forking all the core modules!


Has anyone got experience with the queued jobs module? I'm queuing a job DEFINITELY with an argument passed in constructor (can also see it in the job entry in DB) but it keeps erroring saying too few arguments to constructor