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Re-enable ability to auto select a tab from a URL anchor · Issue #911 · silverstripe/silverstripe-admin

SS 4 I want to deep link to a GridField item's Settings tab (for example). Allegedly you used to be able to do this by appending #Root_Settings to the URL for it (maybe in SS3?), which would de...

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@kinglozzer Cool, thanks, I thought SS3 used to let you do this!


Hmm, I wonder what the easiest way to add ss-tabset back to CMS Forms is...


Ugh, at this rate, this project I am working on is going to end up with me forking all the core modules!


Has anyone got experience with the queued jobs module? I'm queuing a job DEFINITELY with an argument passed in constructor (can also see it in the job entry in DB) but it keeps erroring saying too few arguments to constructor

  1. When defining the constructor for your job, be aware that the QueuedJobService will, when loading the job for execution, create an object of your job type without passing any parameters. Therefore, if you want to pass parameters when initially creating the job, make sure to provide defaults (eg __construct($param=null)), and that their presence is detected before being used. So the base rules for __constructors are
  2. they must have default parameters, as the JobService will re-create the job class passing through no constructor params
  3. you must have logic in your constructor that can determine if it's been constructed by the job service, or by user-land code, and whether the constructor params are to be used.
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