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@asp @greg_808 @wmk Thank you so much for keeping this tradition I started 7 years ago with a stupid IRC (yeah, we used IRC back then!) brainfart. I'm so proud of you and the photos look like everything went great and you had a great time. Thank you

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Thanks! And yes, let´s keep this nice tradition alive 😎

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And yes , we do have some group photos - here is sneak peek (We’ll do the retouching tomorrow 😀)

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Ed Linklater

Motivated by StripeCon, I'm now bringing all of my modules up-to-date 😆

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I've tracked down the annoying bug in my static publisher module too, so I should be able to do a beta release at last!

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Just wanted to once again say a big thank you and congratulations to the event team. So much hard work to bring together an event like this.


and to the speakers over the 2 days.. I learned some new things 🙂


I second that! Great meeting you, Tim. See you next year 🙌

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