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Has anyone had any luck with getting a search filter for versioned state on a ModelAdmin to work? I know there's a task for it to be added in core at some point, but need to get something working in the meantime...


is there anyone around familiar with I have a patch applied to my local project. However it's refusing to apply when the project is deployed to our dev server.

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I'm trying to add the horizontal rule <hr> in the TinyMCEConfig::get('cms')Can someone tell me how to add it?


just copy/pasting what I have in the current project

  1. // TinyMCE Config
  2. $EditorConfig = TinyMCEConfig::get('cms');
  3. $EditorConfig->setButtonsForLine(1, array('formatselect styleselect pastetext ssmedia ssembed | bold bullist numlist | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | sslink unlink | charmap hr code removeformat blockquote | outdent indent | undo redo'));
  4. $EditorConfig->setButtonsForLine(2, '');


it's strange. <hr> not appear and everything else yes


just added hr also to $EditorConfig->enablePlugins([]) made it show up - seams like it is a plugin

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Bjorn Bojumble

Has anyone ever had an issue on SS4 where Pages wont puplish?

Bjorn Bojumble

MySQLDatabase 5.5.5-10.4.6-MariaDB - is that compatible with SS4?

Aaron Cooper

I just did a 4.4 site on Maria 10.1.41 and no problems publishing. Do have a problem with Fulltextsearchable not working, but that's about it.