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If anyone is interested, here's the "scope" of the FTS API surface, which is way too massive. I've marked it as "won't fix" because I don't believe the API surface should be that big. But, if anyone wants to, a module extending my base compatibility module that covers (some/most) of this, is fine with me

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Inventory of missing APIs, potential upgrade pain · Issue #2 · Firesphere/silverstripe-solr-compatibility

I've taken a look at over 100 distinct implementations of fulltextsearch to see how inclusive this compatibility module is and where some of the sharp edges will be in practical application of ...

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Note that I do not want or expect a PR covering all the "open" issues, because I do not feel that they should even exist in the first place.


I might accept a few. Note that some methods have moved to a different place instead of actually being gone. Or some things might seem unused, while they are not actually unused due to traits 🙂


how big is "large"? I've got the NZ street addresses dataset I could throw at it... 2M-ish records


That sounds large enough, as the old method ran out of memory at roughly 100k records 😄


Preferably, use it through the YML configuration, but you do you 😄