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Hi, does anyone know how to make your website set the colour of the top part of chrome?

Below is image of screen shots of various random websites I visited recently where some of the have changed the colour but most are white. It looks like something they are setting specifically as there doesn't seem to be any logic to the type of website & the specific colour seems to be linked to their brand identity.


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Support for theme-color in Chrome 39 for Android  |  Web

Use theme-color to set the toolbar color in Chrome for Android.

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Probable you should do this in /site.webmanifest I've made a module ( to generate, define it per yml or per SiteConfig with a ColorField.

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Using the web app manifest to specify a site wide theme color

Set a theme-color in the manifest and have it available to all pages on your site when launched from the home screen.


webmanifest for SilverStripe per YML and/or SiteConfig - lerni/silverstripe-webmanifest

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Thanks!! Now to choose the colour..... 🎨


Same as the header background always looks quite good


Cool to know, Vivaldi has done this automatically for me for some time now (based on favicon I think), I wasn't aware it'd become "a thing" outside of that context!


Trying to get my head around how to implement a publishing trigger from a DataObject