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No. There are other things that don't work either. I can't get to the cookies erasing part, or to manage passwords. It also doesn't let us print directly - have to save the page then print from another program (not that I need to do this often, but when I do it is very annoying!). I am starting to think that "managed" is actually a typo for "mis-managed"!!! 🤣


Is it definitely browser caching? It could be there's a proxy keeping a copy of it somewhere


who knows. I just really wanted to see the new version of the page!!


I can get an incognito window, but somehow it still stores all my saved passwords and does auto-log me in to some websites that I visit frequently so I don't think it is a true incognito like I get on the laptop (which is totally standalone and not "managed" in any way) & no, I can't just use the laptop - I borrowed it over the weekend & forgot to bring it in to work today!!


Thanks to @Ed Linklater I was able to fix the "show PDF inline instead of downloading it" issue. SS adds the "download" attribute to PDFs in, so I included some manual code in the FileBlock template:

  1. <% with $File %>
  2. <a href="$URL.ATT" title="$Title"
  3. <% if $Extension != 'pdf' %>
  4. <% if $Basename %>download="$Basename.ATT"<% else %>download<% end_if %>
  5. <% end_if %>
  6. target="_blank">$Title</a>
  7. <% end_with %>
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