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hi, new to routing in SS, I have two actions, I would like one to receive people loading / and another one to receive /$param I have used the following but it's not working:

  1. private static $url_handlers = [
  2. '/$param!' => 'action1'
  3. ];

Hoping that people loading / will land in index


I think it needs to be

  1. '$Action/$param!' => 'action1'



I must doing something ridiculous then, because I can't get any other action than index, to load


I almost always avoid these controller statics, and use YML-based routing ala

  1. SilverStripe\Control\Director:
  2. rules:
  3. 'health/check//$Action/$ID/$OtherID': My\Namespace\Control\HealthCheckController

is there any way to specify an action without it being in the URL though?


If a "variable" isn't incoming via a URL, then it has to come from $_GET|POST|COOKIE|SESSION