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I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think that's possible with Fluent.


@taoceanz actually, you can add ParentID to the localised list of fields ; However, I have no idea what you would break, and I would strongly recommend you don't try it. 🙂


I would probably recommend subsites if you want separate trees


You could also try using custom controller actions if you want to render a page with multiple parents (one parent in the CMS, but you can link them internally).


@tractorcow I tried translating the ParentID and it does the migration but breaks the site tree. Just reverted the changes, restored dB and it was all good.

The subsites is a good idea. Also custom controllers is an interesting.

Ultimately found the ss3 site had translated pages incorrectly changed to a different parent id.


Fluent module - Let's pretend we create one new page with the English locale and one page with Swedish locale, both are created as new pages and they do not relate to each other. Is it possible to link them afterwards so that they are translations for the same page/content? (from the CMS)


It is possible theoretically, but there is no UI I know of. You'd need to adjust the PageIDs in the <page>_localised tables


IMHO it's best to start with the "default" locale, but sometimes that's not possible. Having a task or feature to define another page as the translation of the current page is a good idea. Want to create an issue at gihub @Conan?