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Perhaps then it would make sense to use a method instead


And in that method I would always get the first record (with ->first())


As for the interface, I would have to update the modelAdmin functionality to make it remove the Gridfield for any dataobject with the word "Settings" in it


But your right, for a robust solution I would have to add a onBeforeWrite() check


because even if you don't give the user a way to create multiple instances/records of the setting DataObject developers (read my future self) would be able to programically


😞 My future self may be my worst enemy when it comes to web development 😞


or when it comes to any other thing for the matter 😄


Hi, does anyone have a barcode scanner that they can recommend using? I’ve found this but as it’s my first time using this, just wondering if there are any other recommendations 🙂

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QuaggaJS, an advanced barcode-reader written in JavaScript

QuaggaJS is an advanced barcode-reader written in JavaScript

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