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@kinglozzer did you manually handle stripe.js and the javascript to create the paymentIntents?

harvs1789uk CMS credentials anyone?

Can't find these documented anywhere on the demo site,, GitHub etc or anywhere? Wanting to demo the CMS features to someone to sell them on it


@wilrthat was the very first thing I tried, but it gives me:

> The provided details don't seem to be correct. Please try again.


Anyway, not to worry now as I have downloaded an installed it locally and started playing around.

So prepare yourself for some further questioning 😂

What timezone are you in out of interest? working on a 48 hour Hackathon project, I am trying to wow my colleagues with some speedy SilverStripe/SilverShop development, might need a bit of help in the next 36h or so


NZDT for me but got 2 kids under 2 so work is pretty random hours!


Anyone able to offer me a bit of support setting up PayPal with SilverShop? I think I have followed all the documentation, but can't get it to work....this I have some composer issues


The latest version of silvershop/core requires:

"silverstripe/silverstripe-omnipay": "^[email protected]"

That version of silverstripe-omnipay requires:

"omnipay/common": "^2.4"

But apparently composer require omnipay/paypal needs omnipay/commonversion 3 or I am stuck not being able to include the paypal parts via composer, as omnipay/common is not a high enough version...?


Try adding this to your project's composer.json? omnipay/common": "3.0.2 as 2.5.1"


hmm requires omnipay 3. Try check what version of core you’re using.

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SilverStripe integration with Omnipay PHP payments library. - silverstripe/silverstripe-omnipay

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@wilr - I installed SilverShop using the one liner composer install shown on - composer require -d myshop "silvershop/core"

This is the versioning info for core:

  1. harvs:honesty-box-portal joeharvey$ composer show silvershop/core
  2. name : silvershop/core
  3. descrip. : Provides an ecommerce product catalog, shopping cart, and order management system
  4. keywords : ecommerce, online shopping, ordering, payment, shop, shopping cart, silverstripe
  5. versions : * dev-master, 3.x-dev
  6. type : silverstripe-vendormodule
  8. requires
  9. silvershop/silverstripe-listsorter ^3@dev
  10. silvershop/silverstripe-sqlquerylist ^2@dev
  11. silverstripe/asset-admin *
  12. silverstripe/cms ^4
  13. silverstripe/silverstripe-omnipay ^3@dev

@harvs1789uk We had a similar issue recently, IIRC we had to remove silverstripe-onmipay (or in your case silvershop), then add in the omnipay/common + omnipay/paypal requirements, composer update, then re-add the SilverStripe modules


and this is the output from composer for silverstripe-omnipay

  1. harvs:honesty-box-portal joeharvey$ composer show silverstripe/silverstripe-omnipay
  2. name : silverstripe/silverstripe-omnipay
  3. descrip. : SilverStripe Omnipay Payment Module
  4. keywords : omnipay, payment, silverstripe
  5. versions : * 3.0.0-alpha2
  6. type : silverstripe-vendormodule
  8. requires
  9. omnipay/common ^2.4
  10. silverstripe/config ^1
  11. silverstripe/framework ^4