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Regarding the youtube videos: Could you add StripeCon 2019 to the video titles? might help if people see them in google videos results.

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The StripeCon 2019 Aftermovie just arrived:

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YouTube Video: StripeCon EU 2019 Aftermovie

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Good work! Really captures the event nicely 🙂

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Ed Linklater

at 36s our group CTO is on my screen 🤣


Hi Ed - sorry, didnt see that. If thats a problem, just let me know and we´ll cut him out :)

Ed Linklater

nah it’s fine 😂 luckily nothing interesting in the company slack haha

Ed Linklater

so fellow Europeans, I'm by myself in Berlin over the Christmas period, and I don't think Berlin will be a particularly exciting place to be... any suggestions? 😛