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The the widget stuff above, I've resolved this issue. After a db purge of all widget stuff, (all widget related columns and tables) and running a db build, then recreating the widgets, they get translated correctly.

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An interesting discovery. WidgetArea will be created per page locale without defining the SideBarID (or custom named WidgetArea ID) as a translatable field so long as as private static $defaults = ['InheritSideBar' => false]; is added to the page you've defined your WidgetArea on. With Default set to true, All locales on a page have to share the same WidgetArea as default behaviour.

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I might be releasing a 5.0.0 beta of fluent soon; It's not a hugely breaking change, but there are enough breakages that it needs a new major version.

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I've stuck up a basic roadmap at

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5.0.0 roadmap · Issue #576 · tractorcow-farm/silverstripe-fluent

I'm starting to put together a new release into which I'd like to get a few new features included. The focus on this release is bulk and cross-publishing actions. Examples include: #572 #56...

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I have a translated SiteTree field, but in the CMS Field the non localized value is shown, e.g:

• non localized table: customField: latestInsertedCustomFieldValue • localized table: • swedish - customField: swedishCustomFieldValue • english - customField: englishCustomFieldValue So when I'm viewing the CMS field I just see the latest inserted value, does not matter what locale I have selected.. S: even though the database is updated correctly.

  1. public function getCMSFields()
  2. {
  3. $this->beforeUpdateCMSFields(function (FieldList $fields) {
  4. $customField = TextField::create('CustomField');
  5. $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main', $customField);
  6. });
  7. return parent::getCMSFields();
  8. }

Update: I noticed there was a space in the table name so $table_name = 'Some Name' after changing that to use _ instead of space and renamed the table names in the DB it started working 🤔 perhaps fluent does not work with table names that have space in them?


> perhaps fluent does not work with table names that have space in them? I guess so, but I doubt that table names with spaces are actively supported. But that sounds like worth to file an issue


Spaces in table names make quoting in the queries far more important.