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apparently GoDaddy shared hosting doesn't support SymLinks??? any way to get around this with SS4?


you can set your vendor-expose method to copy and deploy that result


so locally you would just run composer vendor-expose copy to run with the specified copy mode, and then you could essentially just re-deploy public/_resources, which will now contain copies of the files, rather than symlinks to the directories that contain them


another option is to set SS_VENDOR_METHOD="copy" in your .env file, and then just run composer vendor-expose locally as normal, but it will use the copy method rather than auto moving forward


Is there a way to add a defer to a template requirement? e.g. (NOT working)

  1. <% require javascript("javascript/functions.min.js", ["defer" => true]) %>

I don't think that works... at least, I haven't seen it work like that


Anyone here have any experience with PHPOffice/PHPSpreadsheet?

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Styles and dropdowns are gone

Using PHPSpreadsheet, when populating an existing spreadsheet, all styles, conditional formatting, dropdowns, etc. are gone. How can I retain the original settings while writing to php://output? ...

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