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Hi Anyone knows where I can ask questions related to silverstripe-fluent?


Is there anyone here using ?

I’m finding a weird behaviour. When an edit form is first rendered the field doesn’t render at all. It displays as if it was a ReadOnlyField simply displaying the raw text. If the form is refreshed, the field then renders correctly. The difference I’ve found is that the jinjie/codeeditofield resources somehow are not being triggered (and thus don’t execute to modify the behaviour). Seems that the entwine code in the module is not getting called on the first load?

SilverStripe 4.3.x, CodeEditorField v 0.0.3 (latest master)

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Code Editor Field for SilverStripe 4. Contribute to jinjie/codeeditorfield development by creating an account on GitHub.

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I use a SS3 codeeditorfield on my blog, but want to switch to markdown for those blog posts


Hi SS community, not sure if this is the best forum to post this, however I own a AU and NZ based agency looking for some NZ based freelance / contract expert SS devs to assist us with our existing project workload.