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though we use this and it seems to work fine

  1. SilverStripe\GraphQL\Auth\Handler:
  2. authenticators:
  3. - class: SilverStripe\GraphQL\Auth\MemberAuthenticator
  4. priority: 10

If I want to move my blog to a static site, say gatsby, how can/should I add e.g. comments to SilverStripe? Anyone solved this already?

Ed Linklater

but alternatively you can configure the web server / cloudfront distribution to pass through specific URLs to a different origin (e.g. your SS server)


An easy option is to just use netlify forms. If you just put data-netlify on your form tag, the submissions will automatically go to netlify. From there you can integrate with zapier, which can just call a webhook you have set up on SS.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you can pipe zapier through akismet, too.


Seen a youtube video on netlify forms, those can forward the form data to a POST API


So we could forward it to the SilverStripe blog module


The graphql form stuff will render the form UI, but it won’t yet handle the form for you.