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How do you configure it to know where to look/how to connect to S3? Is it just variables in .env or server env vars for region, bucket name, access key id and secret access key?


Yep, environment vars. Well last time I played with it.


Server environment vars are probably more desirable.

  1. ---
  2. Only:
  3. envvarset: AWS_BUCKET_NAME
  4. After:
  5. - '#assetsflysystem'
  6. ---
  7. SilverStripe\Core\Injector\Injector:
  8. Aws\S3\S3Client:
  9. constructor:
  10. configuration:
  11. region: '`AWS_REGION`'
  12. version: latest
  13. credentials:
  14. key: '`AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID`'
  15. secret: '`AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY`'

Readme says full details on env vars can be seen in SilverStripeS3AdapterTrait though that doesn't appear to exist


That's the YML I use... and that picks up from the env vars