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Eduard Ichim

How do you do $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main',...) and make it appear at the top, above Page name?


You can pass in a third argument, which tells it to insert before another field (eg. 'Title'). You can also use $fields->insertBefore()


Hi everybody. I was just wondering about your approaches regarding image scaling on pages with lots of images. We do have some pages with lots of images that need to be scaled in different sizes (srcset). As this happens on first rendering of the page, this is often an issue in terms of execution time.


yes, the first time sucks a bit, but images are cached then and it should not matter.


...increase execution time 😉 Or if some classes like a gallery-element suffer more, you may just trigger the images/caches to be build onAfterWrite?


Then clients can upload photos from their DSLR without crashing the server 😄