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Aaron Cooper

Any Postgres users here? We're wondering if anyone has used SS3.x on Postgres 10.


Hi I have a small issue regarding blog categories. I am using SS-Blog module and have the BlogCategories widget enabled, which lists out all of my categories in a nav menu:

  1. <% loop $Categories %>
  2. <li>
  3. <a href="$Link" class="" title="$Title">
  4. <span class="text">$Title</span>
  5. </a>
  6. </li>
  7. <% end_loop %>

This works as expected, when I click on a category in the nav it reloads the blog posts filtered by that category with a matching URLsegment - but it does not automatically add a current or active class to the relevant link. Is there a simple way I can add something to the template to achieve that?


E.g. something like:

  1. <a href="$Link" class="<% if $isCurrent %>current<% end_if %>">
  1. <a href="$Link" class="$LinkingMode">