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just understand and communicate the change to your client, e.g. if someone was using RSS to get the changes to content, that won’t work now

Josh M

Will do. The real problem comes if they tell me that they were using it 😅


there might be some more fine-grained exclusion mechanism somewhere or updating it to allow for element controllers that are sort of not on the page level as expected by that module (highly likely the issue)


Hi, I've got an SS3 website which uses Elemental. I want set-up Fluent on this website. I've added the below to my config file:

  1. BaseElement:
  2. extensions:
  3. - 'FluentExtension'

When I run the Fluent validation task , it gives me the error: Class BaseElement is not a base data class but has the following FluentExtensions: FluentExtension


afaik BaseElement is a subclass of Widget in SS3, therefor the error @Mansi


Yeah, it doesn’t have a db table, which is why.. so you’d need to apply the extension to Widget as wmk suggests


have you guys seen this on SS 4.4.4 with Elemental?

  1. Uncaught (in promise) Error: Network error: Store reset while query was in flight(not completed in link chain)
  2. at new t (vendor.js?m=1575316832:1)
  3. at vendor.js?m=1575316832:1
  4. at async Promise.all (index 0)