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were you able to add that SS_Log call to your _config.php?


cuz unless we can get log output, I don’t think we’ll be able to solve this


delete the crap Silverstripe stores in the /tmp folder and run dev/build?


(or rather, remove the .htaccess, create an index.html and see if you can load it, either as a directory or directly)


dump a file with <?php phpinfo() in it to see if you get a response

Josh M

@r3v3rb I had a similar issue recently. For me it was a corrupt dependency. You could try deleting those and doing a clean composer install


add this to your phpinfo file, above the phpinfo():

  1. ini_set("log_errors", "On");
  2. ini_set("error_log", "./php_errors");

that’ll try to log PHP errors into the root of the site, next to the phpinfo file