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  1. if (!defined('ASSETS_DIR')) {
  2. define('ASSETS_DIR', 'assets');
  3. }

Actually you might be able to set it as an environment variable in your .env. No idea if anything will break though 😅


You could define it before it's initialised, e.g. in your _config.php?

Ken Sander

Working in my Mac dev enviroment with MAMP and PHP 7. OSX ships with php 5.4 so I was faking the php version in Silverstripe’s composer file with platform config — <;

That all worked fine but tonight upgrading some sites to 4.4.4 and getting the error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or '{' or '$' i in VendorPlugin.php when I run composer update

I updated composer as well, so not sure if it’s something with that.

Don’t really want to install PHP 7 and update path for mac CLI version as it’s not needed as MAMP handles all that.

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Config - Composer

A Dependency Manager for PHP  
Config - Composer

A Dependency Manager for PHP

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@Ken Sander then you're choosing to use an end of life PHP version, where support over 3 years ago.


> OSX ships with php 5.4 How old is your version of OSX? o.o


@null > MAMP Not sure if this refers to the general setup, or the "package" install


So I'm trying to migrate existing assets to use S3 storage. I've copied the files from my local .protected folder and have moved them into the protected folder on the S3 bucket. I've also moved the other public files into the public folder on the S3 bucket. I've then installed the silverstripe-s3 module. But the files in AssetAdmin are saying File Not Found.. am I missing a step?