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On a fresh CWP install you'll see this, which is expected:


Hmmm... Is possible to change name of uploaded files by UploadField in CMS? Some kind function like setFolderName? Own pattern of naming


you can do it in code, but not via the field itself in the UI, that got lost form SS3->SS4

Kong Jin Jie

Any recommendation for addon to validate dataobjects?


Hi, is there an option to get an array of DataObject but with all relations. Also fine to only get only ID's of connected relations.


toMap doesn't return everything, I created my own at the end, data collection on object / relations


I can't think of a nice way to do it. I usually just use the Object if I'm working in PHP code


I'm not sure what the effect of just typecasting it would be: eg $doArray = (array) $DataObject;


I want to check if data passed from the user is different than the current object (with all relations)


See what happens when you just cast it as above. It might be enough for what you need