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Patrick Nelson

Curious: In the silverstripe-cms package, when does master get updated? Is there something special about July 19th, 2019?

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SilverStripe CMS - this is a module for SilverStripe Framework rather than a standalone app. Use to set this up. - silverstripe/silverstripe-cms

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all packages get merged up every so often, it's usually after a release (or just before), but merging up into master in the core repos is often a little less frequent. there's usually far more merge conflicts (between architectural changes) that need to be resolved so it can take a bit more time to get right

Patrick Nelson

Definite makes sense. Just curious what the cadence is; the more frequently done, likely the less conflicts you'd have (but just depends on how you best manage your time, sometimes more efficient to do more at once, etc)


Absolutely! We will probably be doing it more proactively as SS5 starts to have more of a focus

Patrick Nelson

And here I am still stuck on SS3. Damn I'm feeling old.

Patrick Nelson

I'm barely able to migrate to SS 3.7 and migrating to SS 4.x has been the true prize, but now there's 5.x 😭


When debugging with <% cached ... %>, is there a way to tell if the cache has been hit or not?