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@jkersu I get the following error when doing that: [Emergency] Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Missing spec class


Looks like theres a issue where the old url stops working but the new one works:

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Tested on Silverstripe 4.1.1 and 4.2.1

When changing the admin route by adding the following YML (as per the docs):

Name: myadmin
- '#adminroutes'
    'admin': ''
    'cms': 'SilverStripe\Admin\AdminRootController'

The new URL becomes active and works correctly. The old URL (eg.| now throws a 500 error (below). I would expect it to return a 404.

Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Missing spec class
GET /admin
Line 403 in /app/vendor/silverstripe/framework/src/Core/Injector/Injector.php

The full stack trace is attached.|admin_error_trace.txt

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Try removing this line maybe? 'admin': ''


taking that line out makes /admin work but it shouldnt be that


Ok try this the following. I tried it on my machine and it works 🙂

  1. ---
  2. Name: myadmin
  3. After:
  4. - '#adminroutes'
  5. ---
  6. SilverStripe\Control\Director:
  7. rules:
  8. 'admin': ''
  9. 'cms': 'SilverStripe\Admin\AdminRootController'
  11. SilverStripe\Admin\AdminRootController:
  12. url_base: 'cms'
  13. ---

Hello 🙂 I have some DataObjects setup, and when viewing via the modeladmin list, any summary fields that are of type HTMLText display the raw HTML in the summary list I have tried adding a summary field to the object. e.g. DescriptionSummary, with a custom getDescriptionSummary() function that makes a ->plain() call on the field to remove the HTML from display. This works. except it seems to cause an error in the Search function . a SQL error 'Field not Found: DescriptionSummary'. Could anyone provide any advice on how to fix that error, or have another way to not display the HTML in the summary list?

  1. private static $summary_fields = [
  2. ];

Something like this, should work but doesn't quite do it - the markup still shows in the GridField row:

  1. private static $summary_fields = [
  2. 'getSummaryDetail' => 'Summary',
  3. ];
  5. public function getSummaryDetail() : string
  6. {
  7. return DBField::create_field(DBHTMLText::class, $myMarkupAndHTMLAndStuff);
  8. }

thanks @theruss, I actually found that the specific solution was the

  1. $searchable_fields

var. This avoids the search function trying to search on custom summary fields such as getSummaryDetail

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Think I'm stuck on something pretty simple. I setup a custom CMS Action to duplicate an Event page, which works fine. However, this action is not present when editing this page via Model Admin. Anyone know how to enable it there?


For reference this is where the button should appear


Narrator: this is not pretty simple 😞


@Dribbles Did you have a look at this Question on Stack Overflow?


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Stack Overflow  
Silverstripe 4.0.4 - getCMSActions not working as expected on dataobject

I am trying to add a copy dataobject button next to the save and delete button on a dataobject but "getCMSActions" does not seem to work. I have followed the tutorials on the following pages: ht...

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Thanks @Admonish, a friend pointed me towards the same implementation in the above example as well. The button is rendering now, which is great! Thanks for the suggestion

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